Cosmetic & Reconstructive Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery


Our practice is dedicated to providing excellent specialty care in oculofacial plastic surgery for metropolitan Atlanta, GA.​

Joseph D. Walrath, MD

Dr. Walrath is an oculoplastic doctor in Atlanta specializing in oculoplastic cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. His cosmetic surgical procedures focus on upper and lower lid appearance and function, restoring a youthful refreshed appearance without compromising the natural position and closure of the eyes. He also restores function and appearance in patients who have had prior unsuccessful cosmetic surgery.


Victor Liou, MD

Dr. Victor Liou provides oculoplastic services at Woolfson Eye Institute. He specializes in the medical and surgical management of the eyelids and lacrimal (tear) system. Dr. Liou is skilled at reconstructing the periocular (surrounding the eye) area after Mohs surgery for the treatment of skin cancers. Additionally, he performs cosmetic eyelid surgery and injects Botox and facial fillers.

Meet Dr. Liou