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Canton, GA residents get it. Many people are drawn to Canton, GA for the gorgeous mountain scenery, unique shopping options, exceptional dining experiences or other local arts events. Attracting many visitors throughout the year, Canton is also a wonderful place to call home.

It also happens to be one of the best places in Canton for oculoplastic services!

Our practice is dedicated to providing excellent specialty care in oculofacial plastic surgery. Our oculoplastic doctors specialize in the following oculoplastic cosmetic and reconstructive procedures:



Dr. Walrath performs cosmetic surgery, cosmetic reconstructive surgery and nonsurgical procedures of the eyelids, forehead and midface. Oculoplastic surgeons perform both cosmetic and non-cosmetic surgery, and have a better track record preserving normal function while providing safe cosmetic surgery.

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Functional surgical and nonsurgical procedures of the eyelids, forehead, and midface help patients to see better, to improve their ocular health, and help relieve discomfort. In addition to surgical disease, Dr. Walrath manages chronic diseases of the eyelids, tear drains and eye sockets.

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Dr. Walrath performs minor procedures at each office location during the initial consultation if indicated, including:

Biopsies, Excisions, Chalazion removals and Injections

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you fix eyelid problems?

Yes we do! Woolfson Eye Institute has oculoplastic doctors who specialize in oculoplastic cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

The cosmetic surgical procedures focus on upper and lower lid appearance and function, restoring a youthful refreshed appearance without compromising the natural position and closure of the eyes.

Our oculoplastic doctors also restore function and appearance in patients who have had prior unsuccessful cosmetic surgery.

Our doctors have much experience with medical and surgical management of the eyelids and lacrimal (tear) system. We are skilled at reconstructing the periocular (surrounding the eye) area after Mohs surgery for the treatment of skin cancers, as well as cosmetic eyelid surgery, Botox injections and facial fillers.

What does Dr. Walrath charge for cosmetic consultation?

Pure cosmetic consultation costs $100. This fee is discounted from your office or surgical procedure should you elect to proceed with a treatment. Consultation to evaluate true eyelid malposition and to determine if the patient meets insurance requirements requires clinical evaluation and occasionally special testing — these consultations are billed to insurance at the standard rate.

What insurances are accepted?

Please contact (866) 527-3722 to see if your insurance is accepted. Nearly all insurance plans are.

How do I know if my eyelid surgery will be covered by insurance?

Our oculoplastic doctors will be able to tell you if they believe your condition meets the criteria for insurance reimbursement. In the case of upper eyelid surgery, each insurance carrier has slightly different criteria. These criteria are published and available, and based on your examination and insurance, Our oculoplastic doctors can usually predict when the insurance company will pay for your upper lid surgery. In plans that preauthorize, you will have the insurance company decision before your surgery, so that there are no surprises.

What type of anesthesia will be used for my surgery?
How well do the incisions heal?

Upper blepharoplasty and direct brow lift incision healing is reviewed here and here.