Eyelid Malposition

Cosmetic Reconstruction

“Cosmetic reconstruction,” a term coined by Dr. Clinton “Sonny” McCord, refers to the correction of problems caused by previous cosmetic surgeries.  Most of these problems... Read More

The surgical treatment of eyelid “webbing” and “folds”

I recently took care of a young girl with a history of blepharophimosis syndrome: the eyelids droop, they are shortened horizontally, and there is a... Read More

Repairing the lower lids after failed cosmetic eyelid lift

A significant portion of my practice is devoted to repairing the “multi-operated” patient, in which cosmetic eyelid surgery has led to problems in appearance or... Read More

Success repairing the drooping lid

Repairing the drooping eyelid is often times equal parts training and artform. For example, below is a young man with a droop on the left... Read More

Eyelid reconstruction after facial paralysis

I had the pleasure of taking care of a young man who suffered a salivary gland cancer on the right side, requiring some surgery that... Read More

The Weekly Lid Referral for Failed Eyelid Lift

It’s now 5 straight weeks in which I’ve performed a reconstructive ptosis surgery on a patient who had undergone two and sometimes three prior failed... Read More

The difference between ptosis repair and blepharoplasty

During the office evaluation, there is often confusion about what a “lid lift” is, and it means different things to different patients.  I don’t favor... Read More

Correcting the scarred lower eyelid

Often the most challenging oculoplastic surgical problems may appear to be quite simple to the untrained eye.  Reconstruction of the inner corner of the lower... Read More

Ptosis repair (eyelid lifting) – 10 surgeries in the last two weeks, each of them different

Ptosis repair, the process of lifting the upper lids, is somewhat of an artform.  All of the most respected surgeons in the oculoplastic field will... Read More

Repairing drooping lids and removing excess tissue

Ptosis (droopy eyelid) repair is relatively reliable, with about a 90% chance of good outcome with a single surgery for most types of problems.  Patients... Read More

Pediatric eyelid surgery

You can read more about this procedure here. Read More