Office Injections & Procedures

Office injections are a huge part of my practice, whether they are cosmetic injections of Botox or fillers, injections in the periocular region to remove... Read More

Frontalis Suspension Ptosis Repair

Frontalis suspension is a specialized technique used to correct upper lid ptosis when the upper lid function is very poor:  in certain cases of congenital... Read More

“Lazy Eyelid” Repair

Some children are born with significant droop of one or both of the eyelids, known as “congenital ptosis”.  Adult-onset droop is usually known as “involutional ptosis”, and... Read More

The surgical treatment of eyelid “webbing” and “folds”

I recently took care of a young girl with a history of blepharophimosis syndrome: the eyelids droop, they are shortened horizontally, and there is a... Read More

Ptosis repair (eyelid lifting) – 10 surgeries in the last two weeks, each of them different

Ptosis repair, the process of lifting the upper lids, is somewhat of an artform.  All of the most respected surgeons in the oculoplastic field will... Read More

Pediatric eyelid surgery

You can read more about this procedure here. Read More