Cosmetic Impact of Correcting Small Degrees of Eyelid Ptosis

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Determinants of Eyelid Symmetry: The Upper Eyelid Platform

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“Lazy Eyelid” Repair

Some children are born with significant droop of one or both of the eyelids, known as “congenital ptosis”.  Adult-onset droop is usually known as “involutional ptosis”, and... Read More

Ptosis repair and 4-lid blepharoplasty: postoperative course

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Eyelid Surgery: What does my insurance pay for, and what is cosmetic?

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Male blepharoplasty and brow lifting

Dr. Walrath also performs a great deal of blepharoplasty and brow procedures for men.  Two examples of recent surgical patients are seen below.  Both of... Read More

Recent Four-Lid Blepharoplasty Results

This patient presented with drooping upper lids that were interfering with her vision, but she also had cosmetic complaints about her lower lids. I noted... Read More

Direct brow lifting in combination with eyelid surgery can provide excellent results in men

Direct browlifting involves making incisions right above the eyebrow.  As you can imagine, it works well in men with bushy eyebrows.  It is a superior... Read More

Success repairing the drooping lid

Repairing the drooping eyelid is often times equal parts training and artform. For example, below is a young man with a droop on the left... Read More

The Weekly Lid Referral for Failed Eyelid Lift

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The difference between ptosis repair and blepharoplasty

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Ptosis repair (eyelid lifting) – 10 surgeries in the last two weeks, each of them different

Ptosis repair, the process of lifting the upper lids, is somewhat of an artform.  All of the most respected surgeons in the oculoplastic field will... Read More