Drill Hole Canthoplasty to Improve Upper Eyelid Closure

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Reconstructing cancer defects of the cheek

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Sometimes it makes sense to do a cosmetic procedure at the same time as a reconstructive procedure

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Reconstructing large eyelid defects after skin cancer removal

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Fixing the multi-operated eyelid

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Two stage lid reconstruction: when the whole eyelid is lost from cancer

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Eyelid Surgery: What does my insurance pay for, and what is cosmetic?

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Basal cell carcinoma reconstruction – optimizing cosmetic results

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Help! My eyes don’t close after my eyelid surgery!

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Surgery for melanoma after cosmetic eyelid surgery

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Fixing eyelid problems caused by brain tumors

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Repair of Upper Eyelid Retraction

Upper eyelid retraction is the most common sign of Grave’s Eye Disease, an autoimmune disorder involving the thyroid and the eye socket. Eyelid retraction can... Read More