Male upper blepharoplasty: how to look different, but not too different.

Male upper blepharoplasty can be performed for medical reasons, cosmetic reason, or both.  Upper lid position becomes medical when it obscures vision.  A good rule... Read More

Thyroid Eye Disease – Repair of Lid Retraction

Grave’s disease (thyroid eye disease) can be a very difficult medical and surgical problem to treat.  The first consideration in Grave’s disease treatment is to... Read More

Another challenging reconstruction

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Entropion – Fixing the eyelid when it rolls inward

When the eyelid is turned inwards (known as eyelid entropion), this can cause significant discomfort.  It can even damage the surface of the eye (as... Read More

Tearing: the problem could be in the lower lids

Many cases of tearing are due to loose lower eyelids.  In some cases, it is obvious: the lower eyelids are so loose that they sag... Read More

Latisse and eyelid redness

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Sebaceous cell carcinoma of the eyelids: one of the bad ones…

Pick your poison If I were able to choose which type of skin cancer (non-melanoma) I had to have on my eyelids, I would choose... Read More

Common symptoms of the oculoplastic patient

In addition to the patients who desire cosmetic enhancement and a youthful, more refreshed look, there are many oculoplastic patient complaints that appear to come... Read More