Ectropion Repair and Direct Brow Lift in Treatment of Squamous Cell Carcinoma

This 81 year old gentleman came to see me because he had poor vision from a drooping brow, and discomfort from a folded out lower... Read More

Recent results after reconstruction for basal cell carcinoma

This patient is seen 5 months after reconstruction of a left lower lid defect.  The tumor was removed with the Mohs technique, performed by a... Read More

Reconstructing cancer defects of the cheek

Cheek reconstruction differs from eyelid reconstruction in a few important ways.  One the them is the presence of a large “named” vessel, the infraorbital artery.... Read More

Sometimes it makes sense to do a cosmetic procedure at the same time as a reconstructive procedure

Combined cosmetic and reconstructive procedures Often times, during a reconstruction, it makes good sense to perform a cosmetic procedure at the same time.  For example,... Read More

Reconstructing large eyelid defects after skin cancer removal

One year after cancer removal and reconstruction, a patient with basal cell carcinoma (now disease-free) returned for followup evaluation.  Happily, there was no visible recurrence... Read More

Two stage lid reconstruction: when the whole eyelid is lost from cancer

Occasionally, a skin cancer turns out to be significantly larger than is thought at first glance. As a matter of course, for eyelid tumors, a dermatologist trained in... Read More

Surgery for melanoma after cosmetic eyelid surgery

Often, I perform cosmetic surgery at the same time as reconstructive surgery, and the story often involves a patient who has upper lids obscuring his... Read More

Fixing eyelid problems caused by brain tumors

Certain types of brain tumors, and certain tumors involving the main motor nerve of the face (the facial nerve), can lead to problems with eye... Read More

Lower eyelid cancer reconstruction

A squamous cell carcinoma can extend far beyond the apparent borders.  In the eyelids, this can be very problematic along the inner corner, because there... Read More

Correcting the scarred lower eyelid

Often the most challenging oculoplastic surgical problems may appear to be quite simple to the untrained eye.  Reconstruction of the inner corner of the lower... Read More

Another challenging reconstruction

Fortunately for us, cosmetic surgeries of the eyelids rarely challenge us as often as these reconstructive cases. Yesterday I performed a very challenging reconstruction of... Read More

Recent Presentations

Dr. Walrath has recently presented a lecture to regional eye doctors on the diagnosis and management of tearing disorders and the tear drain system and... Read More