Cosmetic Injections with Botox

By Joseph Walrath, MD | Jan 10, 2012 | Blepharospasm, Botox, Cosmetic

Botox and Xeomin are similar injectable medications containing botulinum toxin.  They paralyze portions of the muscles that cause wrinkles.  How do I make sure to hit the proper muscles?  How do I know where to inject?  What kinds of problems are going to be helped?  The diagrams below will help answer some of those questions.


The muscles that I inject with Botox or Xeomin:



BLUE muscle of the forehead (frontalis muscle) causes horizontal forehead wrinkling.

ORANGE muscle between the eyebrows (procerus muscle), above the bridge of the nose, causes horizontal wrinkling above the bridge of the nose.

YELLOW muscles under the brows (corrugator muscles) cause the “11” that appears between the eyebrows during an angry facial expression.

GREEN muscles around the eyes (orbicularis oculi muscles) cause “crow’s feet”.

PURPLE muscles along the nose (nasalis muscles) cause “bunny lines” along the side of the nose.

PINK muscles along the lips (orbicularis oris) cause radial pucker lines on the lips.

RED muscles under the lips (depressor anguli oris) can cause downturning of the corners of the mouth, e.g. while frowning.


The next pictures shows a sample pattern of Botox / Xeomin injection to treat those various problems.  The actual doses used per injection, as well the as injection sites, are individualized for the patient, based on their goals, gender, and muscle characteristics.



You will soon be able to read about my injection philosophy and dosage determinations in a review article that I just submitted for publication.  In the meantime, stop by for a discussion and a free consultation!

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