Cosmetic Reconstruction: Surgical After-Care is Critical

By Joseph Walrath, MD | Apr 10, 2013 | Blepharoplasty, Cosmetic, Cosmetic Reconstruction, Eyelid Retraction

Cosmetic reconstruction refers to the repair of eyelid malposition after previous cosmetic surgery has been performed. Dr. Walrath sees a significant number of people who are unhappy with their appearance, or whose eyes are uncomfortable, due to complications of prior cosmetic eyelid surgery.

Surgery is almost, but not always, an option. But the reconstruction does not stop when the patient leaves the operating room. Often times a series of injections during the postoperative period can have a significant effect on the outcome, improving the appearance of scars and releasing any residual scar tissue that has the potential to compromise the surgical result.

The patient below had prior lower lid surgery with fat injections.┬áThe outer corners of the lids tended to droop from scarring within the lid, leading to a “sad” apperance. ┬áThere was rounding at the outer corner of the eyelids, where the upper lid met the lower lid.


The same patient after release of scarring in both lower lids, placement of lower lid implants, and Dr. Walrath’s current postoperative management regimen, which included a series of injections into the lower eyelid for during the weeks after the completion of surgery.

Notice that there is much less “white” of the eye visible laterally. The outer corners do not droop down nearly as much. And the outer corners of the eyelids are much sharper, making the eyes more “almond-shaped”.

In her case, the interval injections were critical in preventing the recurrence of scarring and lower lid retraction.