Dr. Walrath gives invited lecture on management of trauma around the eyes and eyelids

By Joseph Walrath, MD | Nov 7, 2011 | Dr. Walrath, News-Updates, Qualifications

Dr. Walrath was invited to lecture at the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery at Emory University on 11-7-2011.  The title of his talk was “Management of Orbital & Periocular Trauma”.  The talk itself focused on ocular health, decision-making in the days to weeks after trauma regarding the need for surgery, and specific surgical methods for fixing complicated injuries to the eyelids.

It is very much true that form follows function in eyelid surgery.  By reconstructing complicated injuries of the eyelids and adjoining facial regions, Dr. Walrath has developed his foundation of safe, reliable surgical techniques that he applies to all of his patients, both this in search of cosmetic improvements and those seeking a better quality of vision and a regain of function.