Lacrimal Ductule Cyst Procedure (Video & Transcript)

By Joseph Walrath, MD | Oct 26, 2022 | Dacryops

Video transcript below:

Hi, my name’s Joe Walrath. I’m an oculoplastic surgeon and despite America’s fixation with lumps and bumps and gross things, I’d like to think sometimes I do real surgery, but sometimes people are just interested in seeing stuff that’s gross.

So this is kind of cool and gross, and I think it checks those boxes.

It’s called the dacryops. It’s a lacrimal ductule cyst, basically a sac of tears where it ought not to be and I’m going to take care of that sac of tears.

Anyways, you can check it out (above). Enjoy.

Underneath the upper lid, low and behold, there’s a cystic lesion. The CT scan shows basically a cyst above the right eye.

Here I am doing what ought to be done with cysts.

Well, I’m happy to report that it didn’t come back and everything went just fine. I hope you enjoyed.