Dr. Walrath Publishes Review Article on the Optimal Technique of Direct Brow Lifting.

Direct brow lifting is a powerful technique for elevating brows and controlling brow contour, with some nuances and some limitations. Dr. Walrath’s recent article reviews... Read More

Floppy upper and lower lids, with a side of cosmetic mid-forehead brow lift and midface lift, please!

This entry chronicles the clinical course of a patient, who (not uncommonly) had both medical and cosmetic considerations (midface lift and more).  We  start with... Read More

Lacrimal Ductule Cyst Procedure (Video & Transcript)

Video transcript below: Hi, my name’s Joe Walrath. I’m an oculoplastic surgeon and despite America’s fixation with lumps and bumps and gross things, I’d like... Read More

Two Stage Surgery to Restore Eyelid Function and Appearance

A 68 year old woman came to see me at the start of 2021 with a complaint of her right eye not closing, leading to... Read More

Speaking Circuit Update

Dr. Walrath is an invited lecturer for the state ophthalmic society and state optometric society in GA. Georgia Society of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting, July 30... Read More

Correcting congenital ptosis – a stepwise approach

Correction of lid droop in a young man with severe dry eye This 25 year old man came to see me with a history of... Read More

I’ve been given my life back!

Combined medical upper LID & cosmetic lower LID Blepharoplasty (Lower Eyelid Surgery) Lower eyelid surgery is complex, and there are many different techniques available to... Read More

Lower Eyelid Reconstruction Case Study

Lower Blepharoplasty with repair of prior surgical complications This 68 year old gentleman came to visit me from out-of-state for assistance in managing long-standing lower... Read More

Upper blepharoplasty and brow lift video released!

Upper blepharoplasty and brow lift A professionally filmed, narrated video that lays out my approach to upper blepharoplasty and brow lifting. Read More

Facebook Live discussion with Dr. Walrath about oculoplastic surgery!

Basics of Oculoplastic Surgery Join us as Dr. Walrath and Dr. Jennings discuss the Basics of Oculoplastic Surgery! If you’re ready to take the next... Read More

Check out Dr. Walrath’s YouTube channel for educational videos and more

Dr Walrath’s YouTube Channel Read More

Dr. Walrath discusses national and local impact of COVID-19, in general, and specifically with regards to reopening his oculoplastic surgical practice.

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