Common symptoms of the oculoplastic patient

By Joseph Walrath, MD | Oct 14, 2011 | Symptoms
In addition to the patients who desire cosmetic enhancement and a youthful, more refreshed look, there are many oculoplastic patient complaints that appear to come up with some regularity:


“My eyes look”: 

  • Tired, heavy, sleepy, baggy, angry, droopy, lazy, small

“My eyes always”:

  • Ache, run water, tear, feel heavy, feel tired

“My eyes can’t”:

  • CLOSE!

“I have to”:

  • Squeeze my eyes in the shower to keep soap and water from getting in
  • Tape my eyes closed at night
  • Blink often to see better
  • Lift my eyelids with my fingers
  • Lift my chin up and head back to help me see better
  • Hold my eyelids up at the end of the day

These symptoms are often related to problems that can be helped with oculoplastics evaluation and treatment, which may include eyelid surgery, tear drain surgery, or tear drain occlusion or eye drop therapy.