Severe congenital ptosis in the Asian upper eyelid

I recently encountered a young Asian woman in the office with severe congenital ptosis. The upper eyelids drooped severely, no matter how hard the patient... Read More

Bringing home the hardware annually!

Dr. Walrath continually getting awards from for compassionate care and regularly receives the “Patient’s Choice Award”!  (Well, except for 2015, when compassion was apparently... Read More

Asian cosmetic ptosis and upper blepharoplasty surgery: a case report

Most Asian patients who seek elective upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) are concerned about eyelid fold symmetry.  The upper eyelid fold overlies the lid crease, like a... Read More

Asian blepharoplasty

The term Asian blepharoplasty generally refers to an upper eyelid procedure to remove excess tissue that pays special attention to the upper lid skin fold... Read More

Upper Blepharoplasty – The Individualized Approach

A large number of patients say things like “my friend had her upper lids done” and the implication is that all upper lid surgery is... Read More

Where’s the Crease?

The Eyelid Crease, and it’s cousin, The Eyelid Fold, can be the most important element of a patient’s face.  It can be the dominant feature... Read More