Cosmetic Reconstruction: Identify the Real Problem!

This case report is very illustrative of the importance of a careful assement of eyelid position and mechanics, as well as careful image analysis.  The... Read More

Intraoperative and Office Photos for Cosmetic Canthal Reconstruction

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Cosmetic Impact of Correcting Small Degrees of Eyelid Ptosis

Cosmetic Benefits of Repair of Small Degrees of Ptosis Oculoplastic surgeons routinely treat ptosis, which strictly speaking is a malposition of the upper eyelid. The... Read More

More reviews of “Team Walrath”

Text comments from 18 recent consecutive reviews!  (Why 18?  I don’t know!  That’s what “they” gave me!) I think the attitude and culture that we... Read More

Cupid Strikes!

Lip injections can be very rewarding.  Hyaluronic acid injections (Juvederm products) are very useful for improving lip definition.  My favorite use for them is to... Read More

Determinants of Eyelid Symmetry: The Upper Eyelid Platform

There are several visual cues that we pick up on when we look at someone’s eyes.  We often notice when right doesn’t look like left.... Read More

Fat Transfer Lower Blepharoplasty

Fat transfer lower blepharoplasty is appropriate when there is descent of the midface, or an overall lack of volume beneath the eyelids.  For a long-lasting... Read More

Refreshing results from a temporal browlift and blepharoplasty

This patient complained of heavy upper lids, eyebrow asymmetry, and some circles beneath the lower lids. She elected to undergo cosmetic browlifting, with right sided... Read More

4 Lid Blepharoplasty: Proper Incision Placement

There is not a week of office visits that goes by without at least one patient presenting with inappropriately-placed upper lid incisions from prior surgery.... Read More

Asian blepharoplasty

The term Asian blepharoplasty generally refers to an upper eyelid procedure to remove excess tissue that pays special attention to the upper lid skin fold... Read More

Injectable fillers: Enough is Enough!

I’ve spent the past month chasing eyelid filler.  Hyaluronic acid facial fillers (Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero) are often injected in the “tear trough” to try to... Read More

Choosing your eyelid surgeon

It turns out that a lot of surgeons perform eyelid surgery, including: ophthalmologists, dermatologists, otolaryngologists, plastic surgeons, and others.  So why would you choose an... Read More