The Weekly Lid Referral for Failed Eyelid Lift

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The difference between ptosis repair and blepharoplasty

During the office evaluation, there is often confusion about what a “lid lift” is, and it means different things to different patients.  I don’t favor... Read More

Where’s the Crease?

The Eyelid Crease, and it’s cousin, The Eyelid Fold, can be the most important element of a patient’s face.  It can be the dominant feature... Read More

Ptosis repair (eyelid lifting) – 10 surgeries in the last two weeks, each of them different

Ptosis repair, the process of lifting the upper lids, is somewhat of an artform.  All of the most respected surgeons in the oculoplastic field will... Read More

Repairing drooping lids and removing excess tissue

Ptosis (droopy eyelid) repair is relatively reliable, with about a 90% chance of good outcome with a single surgery for most types of problems.  Patients... Read More

Opening your eyes surgically can improve your vision and make you appear more rested and youthful!

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