Lower Lids

Dr. Walrath performs lower lid blepharoplasty using an individualized approach. Some patients require fat repositioning, and others require fat removal. Some require a skin incision, while others can be treated with fat removal from inside the lids. Often, lower lid skin excess is removal. However, not uncommonly, a mild lower lid chemical peel will tighten up the fine wrinkles in younger patients.

Patient #1 (Preoperative)

This patient had complained of bags under her eyelids.

Patient #1 (Postoperative, 3 weeks)

The same patient after lower lid blepharoplasty with fat repositioning. In this patient, little if any fat was actually removed. The name of the game is not to try to remove as much fat as possible. Our goal is to blend the eyelid with the cheek, to restore a more youthful appearance.

Patient #1 (Postoperative, 6 weeks)

The same patient at 6 weeks. Notice the pleasant and youthful fullness of both lower lids, without any hollowing, which can make a patient look old or tired.

Patient #2 (Preoperative)

This gentleman complained of bags underneath his eyelids.

Patient #2 (Postoperative, 1 month)

The same patient after lower lid blepharoplasty, upper ptosis repair, and lateral direct brow stabilization. Notice that one can see a LOT more of his eyes and a LOT less of the herniated lower lid fat; combined, this makes him appear much more rested and youthful.