Cosmetic Reconstruction

Lower Eyelid Reconstruction Case Study

Lower Blepharoplasty with repair of prior surgical complications This 68 year old gentleman came to visit me from out-of-state for assistance in managing long-standing lower... Read More

Upper blepharoplasty and brow lift video released!

Upper blepharoplasty and brow lift A professionally filmed, narrated video that lays out my approach to upper blepharoplasty and brow lifting. Read More

Bringing home the hardware annually!

Dr. Walrath continually getting awards from for compassionate care and regularly receives the “Patient’s Choice Award”!  (Well, except for 2015, when compassion was apparently... Read More

Cosmetic Reconstruction: Identify the Real Problem!

This case report is very illustrative of the importance of a careful assement of eyelid position and mechanics, as well as careful image analysis.  The... Read More

Intraoperative and Office Photos for Cosmetic Canthal Reconstruction

This image slideshow compliments the blog post “Cosmetic Reconstruction: Identify the Real Problem!“. Read More

Fixing the multi-operated eyelid

This 62 year old woman came from the Midwest for relief from the following problems: tearing and irritation on the left side.  Her story started in... Read More

Help! My eyes don’t close after my eyelid surgery!

Monday was just another typical day in my office: two more patients, unable to close their eyes after having eyelid surgery done elsewhere. There are... Read More

Cosmetic Reconstruction: Surgical After-Care is Critical

Cosmetic reconstruction refers to the repair of eyelid malposition after previous cosmetic surgery has been performed. Dr. Walrath sees a significant number of people who... Read More

Dr. Walrath’s Article on Eyelid Function: Why it Matters When you Choose a Surgeon for Cosmetic Blepharoplasty

McCord CD, Walrath JD, and Nahai FN. Concepts in eyelid biomechanics with clinical implications. Aesthetic Surgery Journal 2013; 33(2): 209-221.   This article is important because... Read More

Cosmetic Reconstruction

“Cosmetic reconstruction,” a term coined by Dr. Clinton “Sonny” McCord, refers to the correction of problems caused by previous cosmetic surgeries.  Most of these problems... Read More

Repairing the lower lids after failed cosmetic eyelid lift

A significant portion of my practice is devoted to repairing the “multi-operated” patient, in which cosmetic eyelid surgery has led to problems in appearance or... Read More

The Weekly Lid Referral for Failed Eyelid Lift

It’s now 5 straight weeks in which I’ve performed a reconstructive ptosis surgery on a patient who had undergone two and sometimes three prior failed... Read More