Correcting congenital ptosis – a stepwise approach

Correction of lid droop in a young man with severe dry eye This 25 year old man came to see me with a history of... Read More

Facebook Live discussion with Dr. Walrath about oculoplastic surgery!

Basics of Oculoplastic Surgery Join us as Dr. Walrath and Dr. Jennings discuss the Basics of Oculoplastic Surgery! If you’re ready to take the next... Read More

Check out Dr. Walrath’s YouTube channel for educational videos and more

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Dr. Walrath discusses national and local impact of COVID-19, in general, and specifically with regards to reopening his oculoplastic surgical practice.

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Upper eyelid internal ptosis repair performed while awake

Want to learn more about what types of surgeries and patients are suitable for office procedures? Look here. Read More

4 Lid Blepharoplasty: Proper Incision Placement

There is not a week of office visits that goes by without at least one patient presenting with inappropriately-placed upper lid incisions from prior surgery.... Read More

Internal brow lifting

The brow position can be modified in selected patients using internal approaches:  the muscles that depress the brow medially (toward the nose) can be released from... Read More

Questions about eyelid and eyebrow incision healing?

Upper blepharoplasty incisions heal very well when properly taken care of.  The same is true for direct brow incisions. Read More

Dr. Walrath to Speak at Georgia Optometric Assocation Annual Meeting Jan 26, 2014

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Since entering private practice almost two years ago, I’ve taken it upon myself to call every surgical patient the day after their surgery.  Why?  Because... Read More